This is a five book series of sweet historical fiction. Abandoned on the steps of a New York City Convent when she was two months old, Mary Catherine was raised in the orphanage. Unadopted and nearing the maximum age for the Foundling Home, she is given a choice by the mother superior, and decides to take the orphan train looking for a future. Use this link to buy any or all of the books.

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On A Train Bound For Nowhere

Mary Catherine was abandoned when she was two months old, and was raised in the orphanage. She takes the orphan train looking for a future.
Trace Jennings lives on a ranch in Helena, Montana, and romance is not on his agenda.
Can they find romance and have a life together?

Julia’s New Life

Julia made the painful decision to leave the town she thought would be her forever home.
Seth Lawson had wanderlust.  The last thing he expected was to fall in love.
Can Seth and Julia overcome the obstacles fate has forced them to overcome and make a life together?

Sophia: The Orphan’s Mother

Desperation forced Sophia to abandon her infant daughter. Twenty-five years later, she remarried and begins a search to learn her daughter’s fate.
A fire destroys Giancarlo Ducati’s family business.
Will Sophia’s search be successful?
Can Giancarlo start over? Will their love survive these obstacles?

Waiting For Her Cowboy

Caleb was abandoned, and later kidnapped. Before he was nine years old.
Clara saw it all, and identified the kidnappers.
Feeling unworthy, Caleb turns his back on her friendship and love.

Visitor From the Future

May 10, 1903
After her estranged husband was killed by a raging bull, the last thing on Mary Catherine Jennings’ mind was romance. That changed when one of her cowhands brought a stranger with a battered body and a broken leg to the ranch house.
How did he get here? Where was he from?
May 10, 2017
The charge beneath his seat propelled Jim Bob “Hopalong” Cassidy from the cockpit of his crippled F-15 fighter plane when he pulled the ejection handles. A cowboy on a white horse approached him. If he was dead, this was one weird looking angel.
Can the past fall in love with the future? Can romance overcome the one hundred-fourteen year gap?

Back In Time

The Thornton car was washed down a creek during a flash flood near Independence, Missouri. Their only child, a seventeen year old daughter was still clinging to the top of the car when they last saw her. After an air, land, and water search for four days without a trace, the search was abandoned.

Allie and Barry Thornton learn their missing daughter was transported back in time one hundred and fifty years to 1866.
A research team at the most prestigious university in the country, offered them the opportunity to join her and her family. Do they dare take the risk?
Can Barry survive what appears to be an impending heart attack or stroke?
Is their sense of family strong enough for them to risk their lives?
Would you?

A historic western time travel romance.