Abigail’s Sweetheart

Abigail’s Sweetheart

Abby thought Daniel was courting her until he broke off the relationship without a word of explanation. Daniel’s half-brother, Bodie doesn’t believe Abby only wants friendship from him, Nor does he believe she loves his brother. When Daniel returns home and wants to resume their courtship, will Abby accept him, or will she turn to his brother for love?

About the Book


The fireman was shoveling coal into the hungry firebox to prepare for climbing the next steep grade.

The engineer took out his pocket watch and glanced at it. He had to yell to make himself heard over the roar of the raging fire in the firebox. “We are going to get to Cheyenne ahead of schedule.”

He returned his eyes to the track ahead. “That don’t look right,” he muttered. He blinked and refocused his eyes, “Landslide,” he shouted, and engaged the emergency brake.

“Tracks out,” he shouted. “We’re going over. Jump, Jake, jump.” He leaped from the cab as the locomotive began its death roll, dragging the four cars behind it as it rolled down the mountainside.

Jed and Barney Duncan had a double wedding when they married sisters, Elsie, and Harriet Wilson. Barney and his family were on the way to visit Jed and Elsie, in Laramie when the accident happened. They were in the third car from of the engine. Barney was in the aisle when the rollover threw him into the opposite wall. His wife, Harriet lay on the floor, on top of the five-year-old Abigail trying to protect her.The tumbling car came to rest against a lodgepole pine tree, and everything went silent. Except for the wailing of a little girl calling for her mother.

A rescue crew reached the site four hours later when the train failed to show up at the Cheyenne Depot.

The engineer was still alive, but the only other survivor in the first three cars was Abigail Duncan.

The only living relatives Abigail had were Jed and Elsie Duncan in Laramie, and the task of raising her fell to them. They had no other children and successfully petitioned the court to allow them to adopt Abigail.

When they left the courthouse Jed and Elsie explained to Abigail what had just happened. “You are now our little girl and we would like for you to call us mama and papa. Is that all right with you?”

“I guess so, but I still wish mama and papa were here.”

“We know honey we miss them too.”

“When will they come back?”

“Honey they’re not coming back, they’re with Jesus now in heaven.”

“Why did they leave me?”

“I don’t know, Jesus wanted them with him and asked us to take care of you, and we want you to know we’re going to do that as well as we can, and we will always love you.”

Abigail was fifteen when Elsie fell victim to a major outbreak of influenza.

“Abby, our family is all gone except for us. All we have left is each other.”

“We’ll be all right, Papa.”

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