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San Antonio Rose
San Antonio Rose

San Antonio Rose is a contemporary romance, set in the 1965-75 time frame in San Antonio, Texas. It is a bit spicy but not erotica or porn.
When Hannah Rose Woodson and her family emigrated from Poland, they longed for the American Dream, and lucky for them, their hard work allowed them to realize the dream. Hannah takes the values she learned from working in the family tailoring business to build her own dream of becoming a fashion designer. That dream draws nearer when she wins a scholarship to a premier design institute, so the last thing she wants is to find romance, but life has a way of giving her more than she asked for.
Josh Moore was born and bred a hardworking Texan. As the son of successful furniture retailers, his lifestyle is comfortable and envied by some. One such envious person is the girl he thought he’d one day marry, but when he learns the truth about her motives, the relationship comes to an end. But a new opportunity arises – one that makes him believe in the possibility of true love, but first he’ll have to let go of his doubts and forget the past or any hopes of love everlasting may be lost forever.
Can Hannah and Josh overcome the roadblocks and find true love with each other?
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San Antonio Rose
San Antonio Rose Series: Vol 1