Courting Temperance

Closeup portrait of young kissing couple at sunshine
Closeup portrait of young kissing couple at sunshine

Abandoned by his mother, Cody Duncan has lived his life on the brink of disaster, yet somehow he managed to reach for something most would assume was unattainable. Now, college-educated and working as a Deputy US Marshall, his life may be vastly different from where it began, but the ghosts of his difficult youth continue to haunt him.
Temperance Boozer’s life has been anything but easy. Born to a gambling drunkard, who was crippled in a mining accident, her early years were filled with images of her mother doing everything she could to keep her family afloat, but when she passed away, all the responsibility landed on Temperance’s shoulders. Her life was forever changed, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is her reluctance to believe in love and family.
When these two lost souls meet, the pain from their early lives come to the forefront. Although deeply smitten with each other, both struggle to release their pain.
Can they overcome all they’ve endured and forge a new path forward together?
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