A Life Restarted

A life RestartedA Life Restarted />

Wealthy and sophisticated Abigail Ashley’s life has come to a screeching halt since her husband put his unthinkable plan in action. After his arrest and subsequent conviction for kidnapping, she is set adrift, certain there is nothing left in this world for her.
Brady Lucas, still grieving after the tragic loss of his beloved wife, is leaving Texas to find a better way of life for his family. So shaken by life’s unfairness, Brady leaves his young, daughter with his parent in Comanche Springs and sets out to find an inner peace. When he meets the devastated Abigail, his whole world gets turned upside down.
Will Brady’s stubborn pride and Abigail’s overwhelming self-doubt prove insurmountable obstacles to the possibility of love and a new start or can a tiny spark of hope become a flame?

I Won’t Marry You Series